Outsourcing Metal Production 

What can we do for you?

van Oirschot Product support is continuously trying to create margin for our customer, (small) Original Equipment Manufacturers who produce their own-brand product(s) in Western Europe.

How do we do this?

By helping our customers with outsourcing their metal production.

Outsourcing your metal production creates margin for you, simply because the labor costs in the countries we work with are lower.

This will create multiple benefits and chances, for example:

The newfound margin, because of a reduction in labor costs, can be invested on other facets of the business. For example: Research and Development, leading to a new product launch; a brand-new marketing campaign and/or the expansion of the salesteam.

Through lowering the labor costs, the opportunity presents itself to make the transition to start supplying to dealers and importers, instead of only supplying to end-users. This will increase your effective market.

What makes us unique?

We are unique because we stood in your shoes for years.

Leo van Oirschot established VANO in 1963. A business that built own-brand road construction machinery.

The production of these own-brand road construction machinery has always been outsourced. First in The Netherlands and since 2000 in Eastern-Europe. van Oirschot Product support has the know-how and experience of being a manufacturer. In addition, we offer years of experience in outsourcing. This means that we know exactly what is important for you.

The service we are offering does not cost you anything! van Oirschot Product support works as a representative; NOT as a dealer, taking your newfound margin.

van Oirschot Product support creates continuity for our partners. van Oirschot Product support is a representative as you know them. You can use us whenever you need to, we will be your Dutch point of contact. However, you will do business with our partners directly.

Reasons why outsourcing your metal production could be interesting for your business

  • You sell such numbers that “own” production pays off.

  • It is easier to compete and distinguish yourself from the competition with an own-brand product.

  • An own-brand product gives you control. You decide how the product is marketed and who the product is marketed towards.

  • An own-brand product increases your effective market. This happens because you create margin by outsourcing your production, which in turn decreases the labor costs. This newfound margin creates the opportunity to sell to dealers and importers, instead of exclusively to end-users.

Problems you might be facing

  1. Your effective market is (too) small
  2. You work with small margins

This will result in a limited turnover. Moreover, because of small margins it is hard to compete and to grow.

  1. You are not a construction / production business. Producing is not a goal for your business.
  2. You do produce though, and this is a disruptive factor in your day-to-day operations.
  3. Your production process in The Netherlands is more expensive than it would be abroad, mostly because of labor costs.

By outsourcing your metal production to a construction business, where producing is the goal, you create a win-win situation. The construction business can produce while you can innovate, market, and sell your products. 

Outsource your laser cutting abroad

van Oirschot can help you! 

Outsourcing your metal production creates newfound margin, especially when you are looking for a lot of added value, for example:

Welding, powder coating, assembly and/or packaging.

The newfound margin is created because of the difference in labor costs. So, the more “hours” of work you outsource, the greater your benefits will be.

By creating bigger margins on your production process, the opportunity presents itself to switch from delivering exclusively to end-users, to delivering to dealers and importers, which will increase your effective market.

Case Study Hamevac

van Oirschot Product support started a cooperation with Hamevac 10 years ago. Hamevac is a company that sells vacuum machines to the civil engineering sector.

When we started our cooperation Hamevac produced their machines in The Netherlands. Hamevac supplied exclusively to end-users. van Oirschot Product support introduced Hamevac to one of our partners in Eastern-Europe.

During the past 10 years Hamevac has grown into a supplier with an international dealernetwork.

The newfound margin, because of the reduction in labor costs, created the opportunity for Hamevac to make the switch from exclusively supplying to end-users, to supplying to dealers and importers.

The turnover of Hamevac increased with 450% since the introduction with van Oirschot Product support.


Any doubts?

How does it work with quality and warranty?

The drawings are essential. On the drawings the materials and the tolerances are stated. This forms the starting point. If there are mistakes in the drawings, the risk is for the client (you). If there are mistakes made in the production process, the risk is for the contractor. What to do in case of warranty issues is dependent on what both parties have agreed upon at the start of the cooperation.

How does it work with deliveries?

Agreements about delivery and delivery times will be made in dialogue with the construction company. All deliveries are ex works.

How can I be certain that I don’t outsource my knowhow to a copycat manufacturer, who will sell my products cheaper?

The manufacturers we represent are producing for Western-Europe countries for decades. The goal of these manufacturers is not to sell end-products, their goal is simply production itself. You will not ‘create’ a new competitor who will sell your products cheaper. To fully relieve you of any worries: our represented manufacturers will sign an ‘Agreement of Confidentiality’. Our represented manufacturers are fully aware that they produce your products, for you.

What are the essential benefits of outsourcing with van Oirschot?

- van Oirschot Product support has years and years of experience with outsourcing as a manufacturer. Therefore, we know exactly what is important for you.
- van Oirschot Product support creates newfound margin for your business. (By lowering your purchase price)
- By outsourcing your metal production you prevent investments in both your machine park, as well as your workforce.
- If production is a means to your business and not a goal, outsourcing your production will help you to put your efforts where they should be, which is innovating, marketing, and selling your product(s).
- van Oirschot Product support is NOT a representative that costs you money. We will only act as your Dutch point of contact, but you will do business with the construction companies directly.
- Our service does not cost you anything!



Imagine yourself on a nice terrace on your favorite holiday destination. While you are enjoying a nice drink with your loved ones the phone rings. New orders are coming in from America and China.

Through the newfound margin you can make an offer both parties cannot refuse. You think back to the harder times. High production costs, low margins, small sales area and hard to compete. You think about how everything has changed within a few years.

Your product is of a very high quality, and you produce for a good price, relatively to your competitors. This has opened the door to supply to dealers and importers.

The production process abroad works smoothly, partly due your Dutch point of contact. You barely have to put in time or effort anymore. That is why you are where you are now, enjoying a well-deserved holiday.

Prevent the worst-case scenario

Are you momentarily not reaching your break-even point, do you lack sales channels or is it, for any reason, not possible for your business to compete?

Do not muddle along. Instead, enable van Oirschot Product support to help you! Together we will find a construction partner abroad, which will create new margin for your business. Your turnover will increase, we will find new sales opportunities and you will be ahead of the competition every time.

Or do you leave these benefits to your competitors?

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