About van Oirschot

The Start

Leo van Oirschot (1933 – 2009) establishes “Technical Trading Company van Oirschot B.V.” in 1963. The Technical Trading Company delivers to the civil engineering sector, mainly to bricklayer / paver companies. van Oirschot B.V. sold handtools, traffic signs, traffic barriers, vibratory plates, block splitters, and special tools.

Many of the products carried our own-brand name, VANO. The production of our equipment was outsourced, mainly to Dutch construction companies. Arjan van Oirschot (1966) takes over the company in 1996. Since then, van Oirschot shifted its focus completely to machinery, and divested the handtools, traffic signs and traffic barriers.

In the same year, VANO starts the production of its own-brand mini-loader. Furthermore, VANO starts attracting external capital, and the production is outsourced in Eastern-Europe instead of in The Netherlands. Sales are no longer bound to the The Netherlands and Belgium, but VANO starts to trade internationally.

The chosen path, with external capital, does not work well. In 2008 VANO in it's previous form ceases to exist.

From 2008 onwards Arjan van Oirschot focusses completely on supporting companies with outsourcing their production via van Oirschot Product support. In 2022, the third generation joins the company with the arrival of Job van Oirschot (1998).


To connect (small) Original Equipment Manufacturers with construction companies abroad.


To create a situation where Original Equipment Manufacturers and construction companies help each other to realize their true potential.

We support the OEM’er by connecting them with a construction company abroad. This either to outsource their metal production and/or to find new, cheaper hydraulic solutions.

In both cases this creates margin for the OEM’er. Lower production costs through outsourcing and/or lower purchase price through cheaper hydraulic solutions.

The OEM’er can use this newfound margin on all facets of their business. In addition, the opportunity presents itself to increase their market potential. Through the newfound margin the OEM’er is not just interesting for end-users, but for dealers and importers as well. 

We support the construction companies with providing production work and/or providing customers for hydraulic solutions.

van Oirschot Product Support is the connecting element, which enables both the OEM’er and the construction companies to do those tasks where they excel at. For the OEM’er this is innovation, marketing, and sales of the products. For the construction companies this is production itself.

Our Team

Arjan van Oirschot

Tel: +31 183 648853

Mob.: +31 622 604518


Introducing Team van Oirschot

As we are a Dutch company, a lot of the videos will be in the Dutch language. Luckily YouTube grants the possibility to use translated subtitles (click the settings icon and choose the language of your choice)

van Oirschot supports with:

Outsourcing Metal Production

Hydraulic cylinders and components

Entrepeneurial family van Oirschot

Every member of the van Oirschot family aspires to be a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, VOP support is not all we do.

What more do we do?


Floor & Arjan make your professional video animations and -funnels. 

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